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Orthodox choral works: 

Anaphora (St. Elias Skete) - SATB

The Angel Cried - SATB

The Angel Cried - melody/ison

Be Renewed, O New Jerusalem - SATB

Blessed be the Name of the Lord - SATB

Blessed is He - SATB

Cherubic Hymn - SATB

Cherubic Hymn - English/Arabic - SATB

Come, Let Us Worship - SATB

Gladsome Light No. 1 - TBB

Gladsome Light No. 2 - SATB

I Have Thee  - SATB

It is Truly Meet - SATB

Litany - SATB

Magnificat - SATB

Magnificat - SSAA (arr. Tanya Tjoa)

O Isaiah, Dance Your Joy - SATB

Praise the Lord - TTB

Presentation of the Lord - 9th Ode Verses - SATB

Refrains of the First and Second Antiphons and Only-Begotten Son - SATB

Thy Bridal Chamber - SATB 

Today is the Beginning -  SATB 

Trisagion No. 4 - SATB

Trisagion No. 5 - SATB

Trisagion No. 6 - SATB

Troparion for Archangel Gabriel - SATB

Troparion for St. Gregory of Narek (Commissioned by New Skete Monastery) - TBB

Troparion for Sunday of Orthodoxy ("your" and "thee" versions) - SATB













Liturgical Music commissioned by the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America:

The Great Litany

The Little Litany

First Antiphon

Second Antiphon

Only-Begotten Son

Come, Let Us Worship


coming soon...

We Have Seen the True Light

Let Our Mouths Be Filled With Thy Praise