An improvising pianist from a young age, nazo zakkak entered the Jazz world and, after performing (locally and internationally) with many notables in the field, graduated with an MFA in Composition from UC Irvine. Having also worked in the fields of ambient music, experimental music and minimalism, he turned his attention towards the spiritual music of the Orthodox church and has been commissioned by churches and monasteries across the U.S. His works have been sung and recorded by various church and professional choirs. He currently works as Composer-in-Residence for the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America and as choir director for St. Anthony the Great Antiochian Orthodox Church in San Diego.


nazo has found a perfect balance between tradition and invention, and he has seized the moment.

-Peter Jermihov


zakkak’s work is neither traditional nor contemporary; and yet, neither is it somewhere in between. Instead, it lies somewhere completely outside of these two polarities, and for an Orthodox composer, perhaps this is the best place to be.

-Kurt Sander